Congressman Keith Ellison article on “Should we fear Islam”

The ABC network recently had a town hall segment on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” called “Should Americans Fear Islam?” The show was memorable not so much in the content/quality of the debate but in the buzz it generated because of its guest list which included bigots on both sides of the aisle. Missing on the 6 person panel were any moderates representing the rest of America or even any “indigenous” Muslim Americans (who are actually the majority of Muslims in the US).

Congressman Keith Ellison wrote a piece for the Washington Post that addresses the topic and is worth reading. The whole piece can be read here. Included below is an excerpt:

No serious journalist would ask a random black guy with a briefcase on the street to explain the pathology of an African American criminal because of the coincidence of shared skin color. But serious journalists called on ordinary Muslim Americans to explain the behavior of homicidal maniacs and extremists, thereby making the link between the crazies and the mainstream community.

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  1. Salams,

    A nice post to read, thank you. As muslims we must remember that Islam teaches us many different qualities and aspects of our lives, but that we must also work to improve ourselves. A small change in ourselves can lead to a big change if others appreciate our efforts and follow.

    Many Thanks.

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