Event: “Internet Safety Workshop- What Parents Need to Know”

In October 2011, during “National Cyber Security Awareness Month” Muflehun organized and launched a new prevention program series “Internet Safety Workshop- What Parents Need to Know.” With the well attended pilot hosted at ADAMS, the objective was to raise awareness in parents regarding the full spectrum of internet based predators that target their families, both their physical bodies as well as their minds.

The presentations on internet predators were organized into three segments: Child Exploitation, Community Resilience & Protecting Against Extremism. The Child Exploitation segment was conducted by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI Washington Field Office Child Exploitation Taskforce. The Community Resilience briefing was presented by the DHS Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the National Counter Terrorism Center. The Protecting Against Extremism segment was conducted by Muflehun.

This was the pilot event for the series that will be replicated at mosques and community centers around the country. Please contact info@muflehun.org if you would like to schedule a similar event for your community.

Comments from attendees:

  • “Excellent and informed session, it was an open eye for myself. Thanks a lot”
  • “Very good information. Very important and helpful”
  • “I hope that there will be a presentation for the youth on Fridays during youth programs on both issues: Internet + extremism”
  • “Thank you for doing this”
  • “Thank you for the service. It is a great presentation”
  • “I have great appreciation for such presentations.”
  • “I would love to see more presentations.”

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