Muflehun Receives TSA 2015 Community Partnership Award

TSAMuflehunAwardMuflehun was honored to receive the Transportation Security Adminstration (TSA) 2015 Community Partnership Award for our service and efforts for several years to enhance the traveler experience and to ensure that all passengers are treated with respect and dignity. The award was presented at the TSA 13th Annual Coalition Conference

As a member of the Disability and Multicultural Coalition, Muflehun provides advice and recommendations on TSA screening policies and procedures and is also a cultural awareness trainer for officers as part of the agency’s “Islam 101 Passenger Support Specialist Training.”  Muflehun provides expertise in the development of TSA’s anti-discrimination guidance to the workforce, and is a committed participant in the TSA Multicultural Branch’s community engagement initiatives.

TSA Press Release: “TSA presents community partner awards to Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, America’s VetDogs, and Muflehun”

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