Recognizing and Responding to Radicalization in Central Asia

The United Nations Regional Centre for Preventative Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA) and the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) invited Muflehun to their regional workshop on “Recognizing and Responding to Radicalization that can Lead to Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Central Asia” as part of a comprehensive implementation of the Joint Plan of Action for Central Asia under the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Muflehun presented on “How can we counter radical and extremist messages on the internet and social media?” and additionally ran an interactive workshop session on “Metanarratives- developing messaging and narratives to counter radicalization and recruitment of youth on the internet and social media.”

The meeting was held to foster better understanding of the causes of radicalization and possible responses through the exchange of best practices at regional level and beyond; and promoted strengthened partnerships between state actors, civil society and communities to address the root causes and consequences of the phenomenon. Participants included representatives from Central Asian countries, observer states, regional and international organizations, as well as relevant experts, counter-terrorism practitioners, and civil society from across the region.

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