ViralPeace Munich

Muflehun held a half day ViralPeace workshop  for Heroes Muenchen, a young men’s organization working towards the equality of women and men at the US Consulate in Munich. The focus of the discussions was on issues that impact their lives, such as racism and discrimination, and digital safety for responsible online engagement.

ViralPeace Chicago

ViralPeace Chicago

Muflehun partnered with Cure Violence, Life After Hate, Illinois Targeted Violence Prevention Program (TVPP)  and community organizations to launch ViralPeace Chicago in July 2016. After two intense days of theory, exercises and brainstorming, the groups designed projects to reduce violence and improve community relations in Chicago and to provide access to mental health support groups for college… Continue reading ViralPeace Chicago

U.S. Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Religious Extremism

This fatwa was issued more than 2 years ago by the Fiqh Council of North America . It is one of many that have been issued on the topic. U.S. MUSLIMS ISSUE FATWA AGAINST RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM Dated: 2008-07-11 The Fiqh Council of North America wishes to reaffirm Islam’s condemnation of terrorism and religious extremism. Islam… Continue reading U.S. Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Religious Extremism