Survivors Series: They Came And Asked…

This video was recently released by the Global Survivors Network.


Tahir Malik from Jenile Brooks, Global Survivors on Vimeo.

they came and asked
can you
take the time to
give voice to your feelings
and tell us on video
what is happening to you
since the day
you lost her
to an insane bomber?
for you perhaps
this is a matter
to talk about and tell
and glamorize death
but for those of the likes of us
these are real and intense
realities of life.
but tell i must
for no other way
have i to
make sure that
her passing away
does not become a mere event
another statistic for 2009
not one of the 3021 “killed”
neither one of the “48% rise.”
but one living, breathing,
laughing, happy, human being
taken from us cruelly
brutally, callously
on october fifth of that year.
and i sat and looked the camera
in the lens and spoke
my heart out for the world to see
suffering, torment, stammering
up close and personal like it can be.
and now it is done
the video made and released
seen by many
and commented on by some
gone around in cyberspace
each comment
bringing back
the pain and the angst
but with it the feeling
that perhaps
it was not in vain
and talking was a two way thing
venting feelings and making aware
people knowing how it is
giving voice to the thousands
whose feeling are pent up
deep in their bosoms and hearts
the will of a God of love
supreme and unequivocal
but not understood.

by Tahir Wadood Malik

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