Muflehun Contributes to New DOJ CRS Cultural Competence Training

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The Department of Justice, Community Relations Service and Connecting Cultures launched a new updated cultural professionalism training entitled, “Improving Cultural Competence: Engaging and Building Relations With American Muslims” with content input and support from Muflehun Executive Director Humera Khan. The new training is aimed at law enforcement officers, educators, and community leaders to dispel the misperceptions around American Muslims and to effectively engage with them.  It has already been presented… Read More »Muflehun Contributes to New DOJ CRS Cultural Competence Training

CRS Report on Homegrown Terrorism Updated

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The Congressional Research Service report “American Jihadist Terrorism: Combating a Complex Threat“ by authors Jerome Bjelopera and Mark Randol has been updated as of Dec 10, 2010 to include several new incidents that took place between October and November 2010. The new version of the report can be downloaded from the FAS website.