Muflehun in Jordan

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In March 2015 Executive Director Humera Khan was invited by the US Embassy in Amman to run workshops, training and briefings, in conjunction with the Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf and Ministry of Interior, for senior government officials, law enforcement, male and female preachers, youth, universities and think tanks in Amman, Zarqa and Ajloun. The workshops with preachers and youth focused on CVE awareness, skills to build narratives to counter ISIS ideology,… Read More »Muflehun in Jordan

Event: “Internet Safety Workshop- What Parents Need to Know”

In April, Muflehun ran the second “Internet Safety Workshop- What Parents Need to Knows” to an audience of 100 parents at ADAMS. The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office and FBI WFO gave the first presentation, talking at length about youths’ online behavior, their tendency to be technologically savvier than their parents, and the pernicious threats they are vulnerable to online. The Deputy Sheriff and FBI Special Agent discussed ways children innocuously… Read More »Event: “Internet Safety Workshop- What Parents Need to Know”

Event: “Fiqh or Fiqhtion?” Youth Workshop

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Muflehun launched a new “Fiqh or Fiqhtion?” interactive workshop series for youth at Muslim Spring Camp, attended by 120 youth from four of the largest mosques in the DC metro area. This interactive session with 13-18 year old attendees was aimed at helping youth differentiate between extremist ideologies and mainstream religious teaching through Q/A and dialogue. Please contact if you would like to schedule a similar event for your… Read More »Event: “Fiqh or Fiqhtion?” Youth Workshop