muflehun [moof- lay- hOOn]

the people who cultivate prosperity

In an increasingly fragile and complex world, civil society and the private sector must lead the way to human prosperity and societal resilience

Who We Are

Muflehun is a resource center, at the nexus of society, security and technology. Working with stakeholders we design contextualized solutions to complex social challenges. Our objective is to increase social resilience. 

Our Focus Areas

Preventing Extremism

Preventing violent extremism - domestic and international

Accelerating Equity

Accelerating equity in society through economic opportunities

Increasing Stability

Economic revitalization in post-conflict environments

Climate Opportunity

Converting climate change challenges into opportunities

What We Do

contextual analysis, customized solutions, local ownership
Analysis & Design

Analyze threats and challenges to society

Pilot Solutions

Develop prototypes and pilot localized solutions

Strengthen Partners

Build capacity of partners and stakeholders

Systemic Change

Support policy makers to strengthen social systems

Selected Projects


ViralPeace is an interactive training for change-makers and young leaders to learn strategies to push back against online hate and extremism. Participants design programs and build their own narrative campaigns to strengthen communities and stand up for their identified cause.​

2021 CREWSlogo

The Community Resilience Early Warning System (CREWS) is a data-driven innovation program to prevent domestic terrorism and targeted violence. CREWS will help build resilience by anticipating emerging hot-spots from community-level risk factors and indicators, generating need-based local prevention framework priorities, and steering local and federal resource allocation towards effective prevention programming.


Local communities are one of the most powerful assets in violence prevention. The Tackle! Upstander Training for community leaders  enhances their awareness of the threat of targeted violence and domestic terrorism, recognize bigotry (anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim), and increases their knowledge of what steps to take to prevent domestic terrorism and violent extremism in their respective communities.

Our Leadership

Mohamed Magid


Suhail Khan

Vice Chair

Adnan Ansari

Executive Director

Humera Khan


Contact Us

Where to find us

800 Maine Ave
Washington, DC 20024
+ 1 202 649 0701