[moof- lay- hOOn]

the people who cultivate prosperity

In an increasingly fragile and complex world, human prosperity requires civil society and the private sector to lead the way

Who We Are

Muflehun is a resource center, at the nexus of society, security and technology.

Working with our stakeholders we design contextualized solutions and provide capacity building to strengthen society. Our focus is on preventing and mitigating social disruption – by adapting to climate impacts, increasing resilience to hate and extremism, and increasing stability in fragile regions and post-conflict states.

Our partners and clients range from community organizations to policy makers and strategists in government and institutional circles

What We Do

contextual analysis, customized solutions, local ownership
Research &

Conduct research and analysis of current social threats and challenges; identify drivers and stakeholders


Prototype and pilot customized programs; apply learning to design programs; monitor and assess results


Sharing lessons and good practices with partners and clients; providing capacity-building support to adapt and deliver localized programs


Supporting policy makers in improved macro level decisions, through strategy and policy recommendations

Our Approach

adaptive and iterative systems thinking and design thinking methods


Develop a holistic understanding of the context of the issue, the needs of the local stakeholders and frame the issue in a manner that reflects the reality on the ground​


Examine possible solution approaches within resource and contextual constraints. Selection criteria are developed to narrow down feasible prototypes to pilot in the field


Pilot the implementation, and refine both the prototype and the understanding of the issue through lessons learned. This iterative approach recognizes that every intervention not only meets the identified needs but also changes the operating context​

Our Work

ViralPeace is an interactive training for change-makers and young leaders to learn strategies to push back against online hate and extremism. Participants design programs and build their own narrative campaigns to strengthen communities and stand up for their identified cause.​ is a risk mitigation initiative for regions most threatened by food security challenges due to climate change impacts. The effort pilots the integration of data-driven technology to provide timely and relevant information to stakeholders in food production and market systems to adapt to the changes and take steps to mitigate their increasing risks.

Family members and peers often identify early signs of behavior changes in individuals leaning towards violence. However, they often lack sufficient understanding of the potential problem or access to support mechanisms to address the situation. RampOff fills this unmet need as a multi-channel information and early intervention support service.

Our Founders

Imam Magid

Founder & Chair

Suhail Khan

Founder & Vice Chair

Adnan Ansari

Founder & Executive Director

Humera Khan


Contact Us

Where to find us

New York, NY 10017
+ 1 202 649 0701