Pakistan & US Women Leadership Against Violent Extremism


Muflehun joined ICRD and PAIMAN Alumni Trust in Pakistan to teach a week-long training workshop for women leaders and teachers at womens’ madrassas on preventing radicalization and violent extremism. With participants representing four major cities from different provinces, each team designed their own local, customized and contextualized implementation plan based on their learnings from the workshop.

Survivors Series: They Came And Asked…

This video was recently released by the Global Survivors Network.   Tahir Malik from Jenile Brooks, Global Survivors on Vimeo. they came and asked can you take the time to give voice to your feelings and tell us on video what is happening to you since the day you lost her to an insane bomber?… Continue reading Survivors Series: They Came And Asked…

Survivors Series: Reality

In the world of sound bites that focus on terrorists, the voice of the victims and the survivors left behind is seldom heard. Gul Rukh Tahir was the first victim of the October 05, 2009 suicide bombing in the United Nations World Food Program country office, Islamabad, Pakistan. This piece has been written by Tahir… Continue reading Survivors Series: Reality