OE24- “ISIS geht vor wie Pädophile”

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Executive Director Humera Khan speaks to OE24, a German newspaper, on how terrorist organisations recruit teenagers. “ISIS geht vor wie Pädophile”


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Bild, a German newspaper,  interviews Executive Director Humera Khan to address the issue of recruitment and radicalization through online social networks. EXPERTIN WARNT VOR ONLINE-REKRUTIERUNG

PBS NOVA- 15 Years of Terror

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Humera Khan, Executive Director of Muflehun, featured in a special report by PBS NOVA that traces the evolution of terror strategies from the World Trade Center to today. 15 Years of Terror

Marie Claire- The American Women of ISIS

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Muflehun talks to Marie Claire, an international magazine for women, about what is being done to fight extremism and recruitment by terrorist organizations. The American Women of ISIS  

Muflehun Receives TSA 2015 Community Partnership Award

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Muflehun was honored to receive the Transportation Security Adminstration (TSA) 2015 Community Partnership Award for our service and efforts for several years to enhance the traveler experience and to ensure that all passengers are treated with respect and dignity. The award was presented at the TSA 13th Annual Coalition Conference As a member of the Disability and Multicultural Coalition, Muflehun provides advice and recommendations on TSA screening policies and procedures and… Read More »Muflehun Receives TSA 2015 Community Partnership Award

Joint Statement on Meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller

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Washington, DC | | February 15, 2012 – In a continuing effort to address concerns related to inflammatory training material, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently met with community and interfaith organizations to provide an update on steps taken by the agency to rectify the matter. On Wednesday, February 8, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the Arab American Institute (AAI), Interfaith Alliance, the Islamic Society of North America… Read More »Joint Statement on Meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller

Muflehun Co-sponsors Event on “Understanding Extremism”

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Muflehun co-sponsored a round-table discussion for government officials and NGOs with Sheikh Habib Umar bin Hafiz, Director and Founder of Dar al Mustafa in Yemen. The event focused on “Understanding Extremism, Embracing Tradition: Can Islamic Theology Help Undermine Violent Extremism?” Habib Umar addressed the issue from the perspective of traditional Islamic scholarship, and highlighted how extremism has no place within the religion of Islam, giving the analogy of the Kharijites… Read More »Muflehun Co-sponsors Event on “Understanding Extremism”

Congressman Keith Ellison article on “Should we fear Islam”

The ABC network recently had a town hall segment on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” called “Should Americans Fear Islam?” The show was memorable not so much in the content/quality of the debate but in the buzz it generated because of its guest list which included bigots on both sides of the aisle. Missing on the 6 person panel were any moderates representing the rest of America or even any… Read More »Congressman Keith Ellison article on “Should we fear Islam”